Solutions By Industry

Cyfas works within a variety of markets

We offer solutions and products to suit the client requirements in their specialist sectors. Below are our core markets.

Industrial and Production

Cyfas equipment is assisting the operation of industrial process and manufacturing by a mixture of instant voice communications using digital radio and machine monitoring. Cyfas provide equipment to monitor equipment such as cold stores and freezers in hospitals and food processing, machinery alarms, buildings fire alarms and emergency push buttons. Messages are collected and sent to radio, pagers or mobile phone.

Hotels & Leisure

Cyfas supply and install many on site paging and communication systems that assist you deliver a high quality of customer service. We have simple systems to call waiters, janitors or porters, we have installed equipment coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, pubs and clubs. All are designed to increase the efficiency of your establishment. We have worked with many of the largest restaurant chains as well as some of the most exclusive hotels and clubs in the country.


On-site communication with voice, text, and alarm messages with no call charges and the ability to locate staff instantly leads to increased customer satisfaction and staff safety. Cyfas are approved suppliers of a range of paging and staff alert systems that are designed for this purpose.