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Ports and Harbours

Busy ports and harbours are one of the few areas where traditional multi-channel VHF marine radio is still widely used. Even with modern Radar, AIS and VTS systems, VHF marine radio is still used in the day to day operation of many ports and harbours. With many suppliers now only offering digital radio communications solutions Cyfas have positioned themselves to provide traditional VHF marine radio. Cyfas offer a range of radio equipment and accessories such that you can contract a single supplier to deliver your marine radio system.


In airport ground operations the use of radio, telephone and public address systems are widely used to co-ordinate and inform the many different teams working in and around the site. Manage to pull all these technologies together to provide a unified and easy to use operator station which is essential for a central or fallback disaster recovery control room. Cyfas have provided solutions that give integrated access to radio and telephone and public address. In addition wide area alerting for emergency, First Aid or cleaning and maintenance can be delivered instantly to low cost pagers or to mobile phones using the Fusion system. Whatever onsite mobile communications are required Cyfas have a solution.